We’ve moved to

In a nutshell, 99% of my family told me they would never visit or post on the private social media website I built for us.

With that in mind, I renamed “” to “” since it will be used almost exclusively by yours truly 😉

If you’re one of the few people who had an account here at “,” you account still exists on the new site 😉 And it goes without saying that family and friends are always welcome!

PS – For anyone who is wondering why I’m not on Facebook, I refuse to support Facebook’s communistic censoring of good, honest, and peaceful conservatives and Christians, while at the same time they promote anti-American and anti-Christian users and content – but that’s just me 🙂

PPS – If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook, you might want to check out, it’s a really cool site run by Christians and Conservatives banned by Facebook and Twitter.

Good bless,